Pineapple PilsnerStorm Brewing
Fruit Pilsner | ABV 5.0% | IBU

Paradise in a glass! Fresh pineapple puree is added to this true North German style pilsner.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

12 Kings Lager12 Kings Lager
Lager | ABV 4.5% | IBU

Clean, Crisp, Crushable and non offensive. A beer you don’t have to think about. Brewed with a unique light stable hop extract to help with a neutral light bitterness and head retention. Commonly found in clear bottled macro beer like Corona or MGD.

420mL $6.00 1.7L $20.00

Play Dead IPAYellow Dog Brewing
IPA | ABV 7.0% | IBU 75.0

Our flagship IPA: a big, hop-balanced West Coast style, with prominent grapefruit, resiny pine, and tropical fruit hop aromas and a light crackery malt body.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

Back Hand of GodCrannóg Ales
Stout | ABV 5.2% | IBU 16.0

Lean in body and powerful in flavour, Back Hand of God Stout has won many consumers' choice awards. This dry stout is easy to drink, rich and inviting. It is extraordinarily smooth and mildly hopped with a distinct coffee/chocolate presence.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

The Big EasyShaketown Brewing Co
Nitro Stout | ABV 5.0% | IBU 35.0

A nitrogenated dry Irish stout with chicory in homage to the coffee culture of New Orleans. With aromas of coffee and cocoa this deliciously smooth black beauty has flavours of roasted coffee and chicory earthiness. It finishes soft and sweet

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

Burnabarian Dageraad
Belgian Table Beer | ABV 4.5% | IBU

Burnabarian is a table beer, or Belgian-style session ale. Named for the city that Dageraad calls home, Burnabarian is lightly spiced with coriander and is brewed with oats for a silky mouthfeel.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

Idleback AmberSlackwater Brewing
Amber Ale | ABV 5.5% | IBU 25.0

This amber ale combines the best ingredients that Europe and North America have to offer. Belgian crystal malts provide notes of dark fruit and raisins and Cascade hops provide a slight bitterness and a hint of fresh pine

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

Berry The Hatchet North Point
Kettle Sour | ABV 4.5% | IBU

A sour beer jam packed with fresh raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. This beer is juicy, tart and full of flavour.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

TalismanStrange Fellows
West Coast Pale Ale | ABV 4.0% | IBU 29.0

Delicately dry-hopped and golden-hued ale with its tropical and citrusy aroma.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00

Citra PilsnerBrewing August
Pilsner | ABV 5.2% | IBU

Traditional Pilsner backbone. Crisp, with a hint of citrus. Refreshing.

420mL $7.00 1.7L $24.00